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The Firm

Oswell & Vahida was set up in 2006 by European law practitioners with many years of hands-on experience in large diversified international law firms.

As an independent boutique law firm, we are optimally positioned to meet both the diverse needs of business clients around the world and those of law firms without a permanent foothold in Brussels. We can successfully meet high expectations in quality of service, without the heavy fixed costs and administrative constraints endemic to most large law firms.

We count a wide range of clients, from industry leaders to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. Our clients are active in air transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, life science, financial services and other industries, and include national regulatory agencies and other public bodies.

As “lawyers’ lawyers”, we also maintain ongoing working relationships with major international law firms that have chosen not to open an office in Brussels. Oswell & Vahida delivers expert, business-oriented legal advice in a timely, flexible and cost-effective manner, providing a substitute to a Brussels office for international law firms.

We invite you to learn more about us through this website or by contacting us directly. Our clients are our best reference and if you would like to learn more about us by speaking with them, this can also be arranged.

"We have developed an excellent relationship with Oswell & Vahida over the years, to the extent that we effectively consider them a natural extension of the in-house team."

(Leading European air carrier)