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Our People

Our lawyers are alumni of high profile international law firms and experienced European Union law practitioners. As such, they have developed a solid expertise across a broad spectrum of business transactions and regulatory niche areas.

Oswell & Vahida's attorneys have represented industrial clients, investment managers, entrepreneurial ventures as well as large, transaction-intensive law firms and are able to work in the major official languages of the EU institutions.

You can find out more about our lawyers’ background and practice by clicking on their names below:

> Dennis Oswell

> Esfandiar Vahida

> George Metaxas

> Alexis Wochenmarkt

> Antoine Guiheux

> Virginie Bernard

> Sylvia Lasfargeas

> Pierre De Baecke

> Caroline Gögler

> Olivier Scheuer

> Emmanuel Dieny

"With my company becoming involved in a field in which we had no or little experience it was essential that we found a partner that could guide us through the potential minefield before us. I have no doubt that our choice of Oswell & Vahida amongst a number of  potential candidates was the right choice. Whatever has been put before us, the assurance that sound, well thought out advice and assistance could be had only a phone call or email away has given us great confidence in our endeavours. To be sure, our relationship with Oswell & Vahida has blossomed into one of mutual trust that would be difficult to find elsewhere and one I am pleased to be party to."

(European technology company)

"Professional, efficient and always to the point, Oswell & Vahida understands the needs and constraints of real world clients."

(Leading Asian life-science company)

"The firm has consistently proven over time to be a top-tier adviser with the highest quality staff. We appreciate its global perspective and ability to analyze thorny multi-jurisdictional legal issues in a way that provides maximum utility for our needs."

(Global investment and technology development firm)